License Agreement

  • All Studio Trap Sample Packs are 100% Royalty Free for selling beats which contain the MIDI / Loop files. This includes Leases and Exclusives online.
  • As for placements with major artists and or record labels, all samples/files must be cleared with the owner of said file / Studio Trap before seeking profit. The creator of each individual kit is entitled to a royalty/performance split percentage which can be negotiated if the beat gets placed with a major artist and/or major label.
  • As for producers uploading beats using the sounds, the credit is not mandatory unless stated in kit description.
  • You cannot use any of the sounds inside the kits to create your sample packs for re-sale or distribute any content to 3rd party websites/distributors.

P.S.A - All demos included in the pack cannot be used for Vocal performances. A separate license is required.