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This is my go to sound kit store they have some of the dopest sounds around!

Sean W.

808 plugin I Love it. Deep Subs, Great 808s and most of all, sound controls. Excellent

Hector S.

Ive been following studiotrapsounds for a while now and they've grown to be one of the best!


808 Machine is a nice piece to add to my stock. The price couldnt be beat so I just moved on it... Plus I like fresh opportunities to try sound design and the wealth of knobs and windows 808 Machine offers allows me to get my feet wet and the dialogue that was present while loading lol ... priceless!

Edward B.

I rock with studiotrapsounds and buy frequently and customer support is amazing.

Eric B.

808 Machine Haven't got into it heavy, but I can hear n feel the heavy. Nice add to my vst bass collection.