Random MIDI Generator Plugin (VST/AU)

Introducing Midi Morph: 

The beat-bending, melody-mutating plugin that’s all about infinite variation.

Wave goodbye to monotony with a tool that’s built to inspire. 

With a single click, Midi Morph takes your tunes on a spontaneous detour, discovering harmonic avenues you never knew existed.

This isn't just shuffle play for notes; it's a creative co-pilot, turning the same-old into something spectacular. Slide into uncharted musical territory with randomization that feels like serendipity on tap. Octaves leap and melodies twirl at the flick of a knob, serving up an endless buffet of musical surprises.

Two Modes of Operation

One focusing on transposition and note swapping within the confines of the selected scale (Voice Morph) , and another that, while still respecting the chosen musical key, allows for a broader range of randomization effects (Scale Morph). 

This dual approach caters to a wide spectrum of creative needs, from subtle variations that provide a fresh perspective on well-known melodies to radical reinterpretations that can take a piece of music into uncharted territories.

Innovative tool transforms your MIDI tracks Intelligently

Algorithmically randomize notes within a chosen scale and key, ensuring musical coherence while injecting creativity.

Ideal for breaking creative blocks or exploring new musical directions, this tool dynamically enhances compositions without losing their original essence. 

Preview Scores How You Want

One Shot module with Attack and Release controls allow for quick customization of your sound demos.