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Scarred Piano 2

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Product Type: Vst
Vendor: Infinit Essentials


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Introducing "Scarred Piano 2" - Ignite Your Musical Creativity!

  • Are you a creative, driven, and passionate music producer? Do you seek an instrument that will empower you to craft captivating melodies and create tracks that resonate with your audience? Look no further! We present to you our latest masterpiece, "Scarred Piano 2" - the definitive virtual piano designed to elevate your music production to new heights.
  • Building upon the success of its predecessor, "Scarred Piano 2" takes the essence of a high-quality piano instrument and infuses it with an irresistible brightness, captivating timbre, and a unique lo-fi warping effect. The result is a truly distinctive sound that sets your compositions apart in any genre, from Hip Hop and Trap to Drill, West Coast, EDM, and Pop.

  • Imagine the melodic prowess of Gunna, the hypnotic rhythms of Drake, the artistic flair of French Montana, the sophisticated harmonies of Lloyd Banks, and the innovative soundscapes of Kanye West. With "Scarred Piano 2," you can effortlessly channel the essence of these iconic artists, capturing their signature styles and injecting them into your own musical creations.

  • The beauty of "Scarred Piano 2" lies in its versatility. Whether you're producing hard-hitting beats, introspective melodies, or catchy pop hooks, this instrument adapts seamlessly to your creative vision. Its unique blend of brightness, timbre, and lo-fi warping provides a captivating sonic palette that captures attention and evokes emotions.

  • We understand the importance of streamlining your creative process. That's why "Scarred Piano 2" seamlessly integrates with your favorite music production software, offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that enhance your workflow. Spend less time tinkering with technicalities and more time bringing your musical visions to life.

  • As a music producer, your time is precious, and inspiration can strike at any moment. "Scarred Piano 2" empowers you to seize those moments and transform them into captivating melodies. With its meticulously sampled sound, expressive capabilities, and evocative lo-fi warping effect, this instrument becomes an extension of your artistic vision, amplifying your creativity to unprecedented levels.

  • Join our community of passionate music producers who have already embraced "Scarred Piano 2" and are experiencing phenomenal success. Stand out from the crowd, captivate your listeners, and leave a lasting impression with your music.

  • Unlock the possibilities that await you. Take the next step in your music production journey with "Scarred Piano 2" and discover a world of melodic inspiration, boundless creativity, and unparalleled success.

  • Remember, true innovation comes from embracing new horizons. Embrace the power of "Scarred Piano 2" and let your music speak volumes.


  • 4 distinct High Quality Pianos sampled in a professional recording studio
  • 40 total custom crafted presets
  • Total download size: 224 MB
  • Compatible with ALL DAWS (not compatible with ProTools)