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Micro Studio

Micro Studio
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Studio Trap proudly presents 'Micro Studio'. A highly versatile multi-genre VST Instrument featuring (100+) high-quality sounds including Basses, Bells, Flutes, Guitars, Keys, Pads, Plucks, Strings, & Synths.

With it's focus on genres such as Trap, Lofi, Drill, R&B, Hyper Pop, and more, It'll be a go to solution for modern beatmakers and producers looking for high-quality sounds that'll help take your music production to the next level.

Micro Studio comes as a VST3 plugin for Windows and a VST3/Audio Unit for Mac. Each instrument in Micro Studio has been recorded to the highest quality possible. Every instrument is multi sampled across the entire keyboard range ensuring the best audio quality from the lowest to the highest key.

Product Details:

  • 100+ Instruments (9 Instrument Categories):
  • Bass, Bells, Flutes, Guitars, Keys, Pads, Plucks, Strings, and Synths.
  • ADSR, LFO Depth, LFO rate, Reverb, Glide, Pitch, Width, Cut off, Voice mode,
  • Velocity, Filter type, Waveform and Destination and more.
  • Windows 64-Bit VST3
  • MacOS VST3/AU Mac
  • Windows Installer Size: 1.03GB
  • MacOS Installer Size: 1.30GB

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
What an instrument!

I saw the advert for this on the Producer Sources website and saved the link to listen to it again today (17.06.23).

I got into bed last night.. listened to the demo sounds and clicked ''BUY'' immediately!

Today I created some music with it, and it was the ONLY instrument needed to get my sound out. The instruments are perfectly sampled, and they are LOUD!

This is a good thing, because a quick pull down on the fader will get it to the desired level. I much prefer working this way, because when all instruments play together and its time to add the drums... the sounds are already levelled/mixed.

For reference I play in all sounds at 127 (maximum velocity) for this reason.

To end, this is an incredible tool and if it has a couple of decent piano sounds I will replace all of my VST's with this!

Great work guys, this is insane!

'@_nicholas_lawrence Thanks for the detailed review! It is much appreciated, I'm glad to hear your loving Micro Studio.