AMETHYST (ElectraX Bank)

Ocean Veau

AMETHYST (ElectraX Bank)

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Amethyst XP was created for those who love to explore the possibilities in creativity & imagination. I made this XP with no particular aim in mind but to create sounds that we've never heard before that can assist in many different genres or endeavors.

If you're looking to have fun and just let the sounds take you where they may then this XP is perfect for you.

This unique collection of sounds pulls inspiration from many different sources as it was inspired by the warmth & soul of the 70's & 80's to the grunge and electronic filled 90's which makes it a one stop shop for your production needs.

Filled with dreamy, vinyl like arps and warm pads alongside some grungy guitars & bass, next to some jazzy keys & out of this world synths & leads, the Amethyst XP didn't come to play no games.

XP INCLUDES - 60 Brand New Sounds For Electra2.7 Only 

Compatible With All Daws // Mac or PC
If you do not have Electra2.7 you can download or upgrade here